• In the crowded by-lanes of one of Mumbai’s famous markets, in a small 100 square foot premise, history was being made. The year was 1987 and the concept of beauty was in its nascence with the growing emergence of local salons. Yet, apart from expensive imports and a few local companies, there was no significant entity that could fulfill their evolving needs. A specialised retail store, was set up to fulfill this gap.

  • In 2005, after dissolution with his former partners, Irfan Bhamla moved ahead to take on a bigger challenge. His experience was his strength; his vision would be his victory. He launched Beauty Palace, a bigger and better avatar of its predecessor, and subsequently, a whole line of businesses that would exclusively cater to the ever-evolving requirements of beauty salons and spas. Today, the Bhamla Group operates in India, Middle East, Africa, Nepal, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka.